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Hypo Cost

Is anyone out there feeding 12.5% hypochlorite solution at your water plant? We are installing a new onsite chlorine generator system and will need to purchase 12.5% solution for a week or two when we convert from gas to going online with our .8% solution. I want to make sure the quotes I get are fair.  read more

3/19/2014 | by Linda Mullen
Green Hair

We have one large apartment complex that has several female residents that are blonde and their hair has a greenish tint after showering. We've checked the chlorine levels and everything looks good. Any ideas? This is a fairly new complex and this started from day one (several years now). Women had their hair restored to blonde and after their next shower, same issue.  read more

3/17/2014 | by Andy Allmann
Radio Read Water Meter Legislation Bill H.F. 2289

I can only assume that some of your are aware of this proposed bill. This would definately impact our upcoming AMI project and efforts to free up staff and utilize the technology that is out there. This bill can and will impact most water utilities. I hope this link works:  read more

3/11/2014 | by Matt Haefner