Elk River's Jackson Street Water Tower built in 1920 was instrumental to fight the fires ignited by the railroad that set the town ablaze six different times.

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To make water available to event attendees, crews from Minneapolis PW Water Treatment and Distribution Services built drinking water stations and trailers that can connect to a nearby building's water supply or a fire hydrant.Tap Minneapolis shows up at many major public events to promote the value and quality of Minneapolis tap water.

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Saint Paul Regional Water Services has been a public water utility since 1882 and now serves more than 425,000 residents in Saint Paul and the surrounding communities. It employs more than 250 staff and produces 38.6 million gallons of water a day, on average.

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MN SUSA is dedicated to providing a strong community to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences of our members.

Monthly networking meetings to promote the industry, the exchanging of ideas and experiences, and discussion of technologies that improve utility operation and efficiency, tending insofar as is practicable, to make nearly standardized practices.

Scholarship programs that develop and build strong supervisory and management skills. Making charitable donations, when finances allow, to water-oriented organizations that help the most impoverished people worldwide improve their quality of life through sustainable drinking water, and proper sanitation and hygiene.


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What People Say

I joined SUSA in 1997. Before that I was part of the MSSA group since 1991 and never felt “at home”! The SUSA group has the nicest, most intelligent people I know! They welcome all new members and will help anybody that asks for help. After 38 years in Public Works, I trust the SUSA group to help me out in difficult situations because I know I can trust them! I have made many lifelong friends and connections through this group!

Paul Coone

The greatest advantage to be a SUSA member is the networking opportunities, and the wealth of knowledge amongst the other SUSA members.

Eric Volk

With out question the social networking is the leading benefit I receive from membership with SUSA. The camaraderie of the organization is a reflection of the passion so many have for the water/sewer community. The mutual desire to share knowledge, assist colleagues, and develop operators is clearly the emphasis of SUSA.

Dave Stifter