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Utility Operator Pay

I would like to see our Utility operators paid more because of the specialized knowledge required of them compared to their counterparts in Street and Park maintenance. It would be helpful for me to know if there are other cities who have recognized this and implemented a different classification and pay structure for their utilties division employeesl I would appreciate a response stating if your utiltities opearators receive a higher classification than the operators in other departments for the following reasons: Are they classified at a higher level than other departments (similar to a pay scale for mechanics)? Do they receive a higher rate of pay for particular tasks they do within the utilities department? Do they receive additional compensation for their MDH and MPCA certification levels? This one is for my curiosity, are you classified at a higher level than your Superintendent counterparts in Parks, Fleet, and Streets? If you prefer, you can e-mail me directly at  read more

7/2/2014 | by Linda Mullen
Non Compliance Process

I was checking to see what other city's do if you have a business that will not have their RPZ inspected every year or rebuilt every 5 years? Do you send letters to remind the owners of RPZ inspections and rebuilds? Do you send non compliance letters with fines and possible discontinuance of water service? Thanks, Jay  read more

6/4/2014 | by Jay Hall
Contractor Requuirements for Utility Repairs

I am curious about what other utilities require contractors to have (ie; insurance, bonds, license) before they can come in and work on any sewer or water repairs. Also, what permits are issued and the cost of those permits.  read more

5/15/2014 | by Eric Volk

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