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Backflow Prevention Software

Hey All. We at the City of Northfield are looking into creating/purchasing a new software will track our RPZ database more efficiently. I am wondering if any of you currently use software for documenting your backflow preventers within your city that gets rebuilt/tested. Currently we just use an excel spreadsheet to document the information and would like something that might flag a RPZ that needs testing or to be rebuilt. Thanks.  read more

8/25/2014 | by Justin Wagner

I am looking at installing a 10" mag meter in our pump house and I am trying to figure out why all 3 of my quotes are so different in price. Is one more reliable, less maintenance, accuracy, life expectancy, etc. The 3 mag meters I am looking into is Badger M-Series 2000 ModMAG, Rosemount Series 8750WA12, and a Octave Ultrasonic Meter. The prices are $7,000, $4,500, and $2,500. Do any of you use any of these meters in your pump house and are they accurate, what type of maintenance do they require, how often do they need to be cleaned and calibrated. I would be very grateful with any feedback.  read more

8/20/2014 | by Jay Hall
Contract Meter Reading Services

Hi All, yep it's me asking a question again. Does anyone know of any vendors other than SL Serco who do contract drive-by meter reading? We will be moving to a fixed network in the next couple years but are looking at getting quotes from other vendors (if there are any out there) to get us through till we have our new system online. Thanks.  read more

8/5/2014 | by Linda Mullen

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